Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Once Upon A Picture Reading Group Task

The Magic Carpet

First Flight

The Magic Carpet:

What is happening here?

In the middle of the night a magical carpet comes in the house. It was carrying the boy in his pj's and the gray, furry dog was staring at him happily.

Why/how is the carpet floating?

The carpet is floating because it might of got strake with some magical dust or made with a giene.

How is the boy feeling? Was he expecting this to happen?

The boy is feeling very happy because he looks like he is having a good time on his face and he is enjoying it.

How is the dog feeling? How do you know?

The dog is looks like he is feeling like he what’s to go on the magical carpet because he is staring at the boy.

Does this bedroom belong to the boy? What does the setting tell you about his character?
The bedroom belongs to the boy because it shows the bed and lamp in the background.
First Flight:
How are the owls related?

The two owls are related because they could be father and sister or brother or mother.

Which owl is about to take its first flight? How do you know?

The small owl because it looks very scared and because it may be its first flight?

How does the young owl feel about flying?

Very very very scared because it’s his first flight.

What might it be thinking? Add a thought bubble to the picture.

That is it is gonna fall down and fail.
I think that is well but it is gonna learn from it.
Is the older owl worried?

No because he is smiling.

What advice might the older owl give to the younger one?
Make sure you flap your wings and don’t be nervous and don’t look down.

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