Monday, 18 September 2017

Creative Mr Tomokino Writing

Creative Mr Tomokino Writing

Use the five senses to describe Mr Tomokino sick at home
  • Sight (See)
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Smell
  • Taste

Hi my name is Akeel Patel and I will be describing Mr Tomokino sick at home. At home I  bet he has the heater blasting warm air on his skin. All the people are probably tell him that he looks miserable and needs to rest. He needs to close the door and shut his eyes. He hears everyone in the house like his my brothers and others going to work.

At about 12:30 he should wake up. He walks to the kitchen and while he am doing that, he am moaning and groaning. The moment he reaches that kitchen his nose could smell something really nice. Mr Tomokino smelt the air and it smelt like something warm and something very nice. It was his breakfast. As Mr Tomokino sits down on the soft, comfortable sofa, he needs to just relax and have the Television (TV). Mr Tomokino digs into his tasty WeetBix and puts on his warm blanket. I hope he feels a bit better tomorrow and I am looking forward to seeing him back at school.

Excuses Poem

Excuses Poem

Sorry! I may have done something wrong  set a bomb while singing a song. Some day soon wish for something big to happen but instead I got a fish.

Sorry! I dropped a dish because of my floppy fish. It was lying on the floor like a boar. Slipping and sliding cracking and smacking breaking all my brothers favorite phone.

He got it fixed and made a mix with all her five dollar notes. I went to the city but to find myself in a pitty. It was a tragedy but with a solution we got out.

I’d done something bad it;s not bomb or a rusty tomb but placed a nuke where people were a mute and blew with no clue. But what so ever I may be clumsy but also i am also an awesome boy.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Once Upon A Picture Reading Group Task

The Magic Carpet

First Flight

The Magic Carpet:

What is happening here?

In the middle of the night a magical carpet comes in the house. It was carrying the boy in his pj's and the gray, furry dog was staring at him happily.

Why/how is the carpet floating?

The carpet is floating because it might of got strake with some magical dust or made with a giene.

How is the boy feeling? Was he expecting this to happen?

The boy is feeling very happy because he looks like he is having a good time on his face and he is enjoying it.

How is the dog feeling? How do you know?

The dog is looks like he is feeling like he what’s to go on the magical carpet because he is staring at the boy.

Does this bedroom belong to the boy? What does the setting tell you about his character?
The bedroom belongs to the boy because it shows the bed and lamp in the background.
First Flight:
How are the owls related?

The two owls are related because they could be father and sister or brother or mother.

Which owl is about to take its first flight? How do you know?

The small owl because it looks very scared and because it may be its first flight?

How does the young owl feel about flying?

Very very very scared because it’s his first flight.

What might it be thinking? Add a thought bubble to the picture.

That is it is gonna fall down and fail.
I think that is well but it is gonna learn from it.
Is the older owl worried?

No because he is smiling.

What advice might the older owl give to the younger one?
Make sure you flap your wings and don’t be nervous and don’t look down.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Diseases Poster

Transportation Planes

Transportation ( Planes )
WALT: Understand inventions which improved living conditions for people
By Akeel Patel And Nihar Khatri
Our invention was planes because it has helped people around the world to go to other countries and cities for work or a holiday.  An aeroplane is a vehicle that takes you from one place to another place. People say that when a plane is landing it is a crash landing. There are several different kinds of planes. Eg: Airbus, Boeing and Spitfires.

Positives :  -  Aeroplanes help people to transport if needed or
                                            go on a holiday, eg:  Australia.

                                       Sometimes people go overseas to see
                                       their family and go on tours.

                                       Aeroplanes have easy transport and light goods, you also don’t have to
                                       pay a lot except for when you go on first class which is very very


May crash and you may die
Spread diseases

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

WALT: Structure Our Descriptions


This week we were learning to structure our writing descriptions. We used a writing frame to help us. It was Introduction to place, sight, smell, feel, sound, observation and wrap it up. We also used some interesting vocabulary like enormous and pungent and used different sentence starters like start with a verb or start with a preposition or with an adverb.

WALT: Structure Our Descriptions.

Introduction to place:

Quickly going through, I walk and the crowd goes wild, so I am desperate to see what is happening.


Flying towards me , I see the rugby ball shot in the air like a rocket.


Smelling the crispy, golden, crunchy chicken tenders and chips and near me, made me very hungry.

Feel ( Feelings )

People playing pass the ball and scores a try, my friend and I cheer loudly.


Booming, Loud music comes out of the giant , loud , black speakers when the All Blacks score the opening try.


Yelling very loudly, Adults go wild but I don’t.

Wrap It Up:

Leaving the enormous stadium, I hear people celebrating as the All Blacks won the awesome game.